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In today’s vastly expanding world, the people of God are called upon to fulfill demands beyond the House of the Lord more and more. The requests of jobs, school, and other venues that require our time can sometimes conflict with the events that are planned in church to help edify our souls. These things, coupled with the fact that not all knowledge and information can be stored within us just by hearing the lessons once, can present an issue with our growth with our Savior.

This is why our God has given his children the knowledge to advance in technological creations that gives us the ability to access His teaching from a variety of sources, instantaneously, and as often as needed. It is time that we as believers capitalize on these wonderful developments and continue to stay present in the ministries with our pastor and all he has for us. Be blessed as we do the will of the Lord to keep you from being stranded from His messages to you, no matter where you are!

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